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January 10th - February 23th, 2014

Ryan Myers: More Human than Human

Madison ceramicist Ryan Myers' latest body of work reflects his interest in historic representations of the figure and explores what makes us human. The show will incorporate large and small sculpture including wheel thrown, hand built, and carved techniques.

Dog and Pony Show

This exhibit will include both playful and serious depictions of these iconic animals and will also include multilayered works interpreting this colloquial term. Participating artists include: Kay Brathol-Hostvet, Gail Chavenelle, Audrey Christie, Gerit Grimm, Mary Hood, Kelli Hoppmann, Don Kauss, Mary Ulm Mayhew, S.V. Medaris, Wendy Olson, Lori Schappe-Youens, and Gene Reineking.

In the Cooler: Joachin Knill and janice Ho: Cultivar

Mixed media artist Joachim Knill joins jeweler Janice Ho for a collaborative installation, creating a lab that explores the intersection of botany and engineering, from observation to manipulation.

Opening Reception Friday, January 10th, 5-9p.m.

Ryan Myers

Mary Hood

Don Kauss

Janice Ho

Joachim Knill


February 28th - April 6th, 2014

Deb Gottschalk: Moments in Place

Gottschalk's meticulous oil paintings are known for their dreamlike quality. Her realistic landscapes capture the feel of the Midwest and imbue it with a sense of nostalgia.

Contemporary Figurative Ceramics

Contemporary Figurative Ceramics is a survey of ceramic sculpture by nationally recognized talent which coincides with NCECA (National Council on Education of Ceramic Arts). Participating artists include Gerit Grimm, Kelly Garrett-Rathbone, Russell Wrankle, Ryan Myers, Michael Schwegmann, and Marlene Miller.

In the Cooler: Lisa Gralnick "The Nightmare of Enduring Bliss"

A metalsmith by trade, Gralnick embraced a new medium in creating The Nightmare of Enduing Bliss, a project that constitutes an immersion into the world of ceramics. In keeping with her previous explorations of the history of gold and its function as both an artistic medium and contemporary commodity, her new work examines historically-based forms and processes in unglazed clay. Approximately thirty ceramic orbs, ranging in size from the diminutive to eighteen inches in diameter, lay scattered atop a pebbled plinth. Art making tools, musical instruments, and other cultural objects are in various phases of absorption: the spherical masses threaten to engulf all of material culture into a morass of uniformity. This work in the artist's words "is a commentary on time, preservation, process, and an archival impulse."

Opening Reception Friday, February 28th, 5-9p.m.

Deb Gottschalk

Gerit Grimm

Kelly Garrett_Rathbone

Lisa Gralnick


April 11th - June 1st, 2014

Food and Craft

This show will touch on many aspects of this rich topic and will include fine craft used in the everyday dining ritual as well as non functional works ranging from still life to explorations of the politics of our food, where it comes from and how it changes us. Supporting local artisans intersects perfectly with the ideas of farm to table dining supporting the local food economy and so during this exhibit the Artisan Gallery and Creamery Cafe will be partnering with many of our wonderful local food purveyors and artists for special events throughout the exhibit with details to be announced.

In the Cooler: ReStore

Artists throughout the community have donated one of a kind artworks created from recycled materials for this annual event. The sale of all artworks will directly benefit the ReStore in it's mission to support Habitat for Humanity of Dane County's home building program as well as it's efforts to keep valuable materials out of local area landfills, while providing the community with a source of low cost building materials.

Karen Halt, Sandra Peterson, and Tom Sargeant

The gallery introduces three new artists: Karen Halt's highly detailed paintings and textile sculptures depict animals which transcend into contemporary human space. Sandra Peterson creates beauty through bold mark making and forceful color in her abstract paintings. Tom Sargeant's nonrepresentational paintings make use of muted color and subtle texture to evoke feelings of impermanence.

Opening Reception Friday, April 11th, 5-9p.m.

Gregory Schulte

Delores Fortuna

Tim O'Neill

Dan Schukecht

Sandra Peterson

Karen Halt

Tom Sargeant


June 6th - July 20th, 2014

Alicia Czechowski: New Work in Oil

Czechowski will exhibit new oils displaying her virtuoso handing of the painting medium. In addition to having exhibited widely throughout the U.S., Czechowski is a former freelance illustrator for the New Yorker Magazine and has work in the permanent collection of the Rahr-West Museum, Miller Art Museum, and Haggerty Museum of Art. Her still life and floral paintings are an expression of traditional painting styles applied to modern day life.

On and Of Paper

This group show will include prints, watercolor, sculpture, and jewelry, all utilizing traditional and nontraditional forms of working with paper.

In the Cooler: Exquisite Corpse

This take on an old parlor game made popular by the Surrealist artists of the 1920's is a method by which a collection of images is collectively assembled. Each collaborator adds to a composition in sequence and is allowed to see only the end of what the previous person contributed. We have invited gallery artists to create one third of a figure without knowing what their fellow artists are creating. These one of a kind collaborations should be as fun for us to experience as they will be for the artists to create.

Opening Reception, Friday June 6th, 5-9p.m.

Alicia Czechowski

Kay Myers

Tia Kramer

Theresa Abel and Kelli Hoppmann

Amy Arntson


July 25th - September 7th, 2014

Jonathan Wilde, Ann Orlowski: Vernacular Architecture

Jonathan Wilde is known for his keen and poetic observation of the Wisconsin landscape. For this show he pairs with urban landscape painter Ann Orlowski to focus on architecture that reflects the local rural traditions. Wilde's paintings will pose an interesting contrast to Orlowski's take on ubiquitous contemporary structures.

A Show of Boxes

Boxes hold some of the most prized human possessions, but this humble container can also be a treasure in its own right.

In the Cooler: Don Kauss

Opening Reception, Friday July 25th, 5-9p.m.

Jonathan Wilde

Ann Orlowski

Barry Roal Carlsen

Don Kauss

Sharon Nicholas


September 12th - November 2nd, 2014

Kelli Hoppmann: New Work

Hoppmann's vivid oil paintings explore aspects of human pathos through a visual vocabulary of brilliant color and stunning characters. Always beautiful, often humorous, and sometimes disturbing, these works provoke an emotional response from the viewer. With a feeling of stage performance the work melds everyday experiences with the uneasy feeling of the surreal.

11th Annual Ceramics Invitational

Well-known for our ceramics, Artisan Gallery celebrates this exhibits 11th year with some of the most renowned ceramicists found in the United States. This show features outstanding new work from our gallery ceramicists alongside talented guest artists from across the country.

In the Cooler: Carol Chase Bjerke TOUCH/STONES;CAIRNS,


TOUCH/STONES is about the point of contact. A person picks up a stone and places it on another stone, and there is evidence of their having been at that spot. A cairn on a granite mountain. A wall on a limestone and shale island. A tomb, a portal, a stile. A ritual, an offering, a game, a path. Traditional and innovative photographic techniques render these 2- and 3-dimensional motifs in a tone that is at once stark, and laced with subtlety and wit.

Opening Reception, Friday September 12th, 5-9 p.m.

Kelli Hoppmann

Peter Pinkus

Alex Mandli

Carol Chase Bjerke


November 7th - December 31st, 2014

S.V. Medaris: New Work

Medaris uses printmaking and painting to examine our relationship with animal husbandry and the social implications of where our food comes from. She continues to investigate historical changes in livestock rearing, breed genetics, feed consumption, processing animals for meat, and how it affects our lives and the food we eat. Living and working the land in the driftless area of Wisconsin, she has surrounded her life with animals that inspire her work and often become the subjects of her highly narrative images.

Small Works

This annual show offers an impressive array of media, techniques, and subject matter in a small scale.

In the Cooler: Ted Lott - Temporary Residence

Furniture maker and sculptor Ted Lott will explore ideas of home and a sense of place through his wearable home project. Lott has created a scale replica of his childhood home in Door County, WI, this wearable sculpture will be on display with video documentation of its travels.

Opening Reception, Friday November 7th , 5-9p.m.

S.V. Medaris

Beth Novak

Ted Lott

Nick Wroblewski


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